Monday, September 26, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | People's Choice

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge this week | Best Face Photo from Summer 2011

I had a hard time deciding which photo to enter this week-- There were a lot of cute ones in my files! But, this is the winning pic. My beautiful little girl.

Check out all the incredible entries at i heart faces.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kelly Moore Bag Giveaway

If your a photographer-- then this giveaway is just for you!! Head on over to mcp actions and enter!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Project Life: Week 11

Week 11: March 14th - March 20th
March 14: Animal crackers have always been one of Ty's favorite snacks. Still till this day, he munches on them & it reminds me of when he was a little guy just starting out eating solids! March 15- I had Ty practice writing his name today. He does a very good job at attempting to write it, doesn't quite spell it all out, rather he spells his name, "T-i-T-i". March 16- Another little cute project brought home from school. I LOVE it when he brings home art. I either take a picture of it and put it in his school album, or I hang it on his art wall in our den area. March 17- Happy St. Patrick's Day. Luckily, my little green monsters didn't get pinched today.. they were good sports and all wore green! March 18- We cleaned up my parents 1960 Thunderbird and got it ready to be sold. It was owned by my Grandmother. Such a gorgeous car. March 19- Uncle Jay giving Veyah lots of kisses. This is the first picture he's gotten with her since the day she was born. I've made it a priority to get more photographs with family members & the kids. March 20- Creative play. Something Prez has been doing a lot lately. This morning, he was changing his "tetty bare's" diaper. He then set him up at the dining room table with a blanket, a spoon, paper cup and a jar of baby food. After he was full, he put "tetty bare" down for a nap. We all had to be quiet because he was "seeeping" (sleeping)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Project Life: Week 10

Week 10: March 7 - March 13

March 7-Mommy and Ty Ty. How quickly our little baby is growing up. Looking back over our pictures in the past year, I haven't really been in a lot of them.. so it's time to change that. Mommy's on strike! More time spent in front of the lens, rather than behind it!March 8-While out shopping, I found this cute framed glass calender. Perfect for my scrapbook room & another piece for the organization stash.March 9-These are my favorite kinds of pictures. Nothing staged, or rehearsed. Just pure & natural. These boys have a indescribable relationship. Together, they make the best team.March 10-Silly boy is always finding ways to get Mommy's attention. How could I say no to a face like that?! A face only a Mommy can love.March 11-One of my current favorite pictures. Not only do I love the little one in it, but I love how her little brother is reaching his arm up to touch her. simply priceless.
March 12-One of the many activities the boys enjoy during the Spring/Summer time is drawing with chalk. The sun paid a visit today, so they boys doodled all over the back patio. Ty, being the silly boy he is, added in some crazy faces for the picture of the day!
March 13-I finally finished Neveyah's nursery. It took me forever to find bedding that I like and that coordinated with each other. I really wanted to paint her walls, but since the landlord doesn't allow that, I had to compromise. I picked up these wall vinyl dots and love the way they look, they match perfectly.

On a side note, we entered Neveyah in the Baby Idol contest. If you'd like to vote for her, go here. You'll need to sign up for an account, which takes less than a minute, but after that you can vote for her, here. Each person is allowed up to 10 votes per day, for 5 days, which on Friday, March 19th, round 1 will end. The top 500 babies with the most votes will advance to the 2nd round.

Thank you in advance to all those who vote! :D Have a great week!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I Do" Layout

After much procrastination (4 1/2 years to be exact), I finally scrapped some of the pictures from my wedding day. Sadly, I don't have much pictures from that day, since it was a very small ceremony. Close friends & family only. Took me a day to get everything put together. Ya, that kind of wedding. I didn't have a big frilly dress, a 3-tier cake, (my topping was of Shrek & Fiona, lol), nor did I leave afterwards to my honeymoon. But, I wouldn't trade that day for anything. It was the day I committed to myself to the best man in the world. My best friend. I usually list the products I use and the manufactures, but honestly, I don't remember. I was floating on Cloud 9 when I made this. Creating this layout took me back to that day when I said, "I Do"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project Life: Week 9

Week 9: February 28 - March 6
February 28- Cold season hitting hard. The kids and I have been sick for what seems like forever. Ty had an ear infection in both ears, myself.. dealing with the endless cough. Seems like ever since Ty started school, we get sick very often!March 1- With every kiddo of ours, I've always taken a picture of their itty bitty feet around a month old or so. Just wish they could stay little like this forever!March 2- I've been wanting to put this outfit on Veyah, and although it's still a little to big, it fits enough to wear it. I just love the little Ugg boots! Everything is so cute when it's "itty bitty" size.March 3- Our little stinker. Mr. Mischievous. Prez sure knows how to push a Mama's buttons. At times I think of how much he'd go for on Ebay, but at the end of the day, I look at him and all I can do is laugh-- pure payback for all the troubles I gave my parents.March 4- One thing I enjoy buying for the boys is SHOES. But, with boys being boys, it's not like they don't "break em' in", so having a wide variety of shoes is always a good thing, especially since they don't last very long!March 5- Veyah's looks are changing so much. She's our little chunk-uh-munk. This girl loves to put down some food! Awesome appetite. Any chance I get, I'm snapping pictures of her. I consider myself her personal paparazzi!March 6- I've been working on Veyah's room this past month, and her dresser was finally completed. I've been wanting to do a picture with her sitting in the drawer, since I had one taken of me when I was little. She was a good sport! Always is.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project Life: Week 7

Week 7: February 14 - February 20

February 14-Happy Valentine's Day! Sweet picture of my 3 sweet hearts! Veyah's very 1st mini-holiday.
February 15-Brotherly love. I love how close they are no only with their relationship, but their size. Prez wears the same size as Ty, yet they are 18 months apart!February 16-Veyah's little bracelet that I made her in time for pictures. It's so cute on her. Her wrist are so tiny that it's like dressing a baby doll.February 17-I'm been working on getting her room put together. I got some of my favorite pictures printed off and put them in frames for the top of her dresser.February 18- Happy Birthday to our little man, Titan. Today, he celebrated his 4th birthday! How fast time has flown by. It seems like I had just decorated for his 3rd birthday!
February 19-Loved this shot of Daddy and Prez hanging out at the basketball court. An adorable capture of a father and son relationship.February 20-Already 3 weeks old, our little girl is changing each and every day. She's starting to smile more and she loves watching you as you talk to her. Such an intriguing little mind.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project Life: Week 6

Week 6: February 7 - February 13

February 7- I'm addicted to her. Seriously. I take so many pictures of her, just because I can. I love dressing her up, it's fun. Pink is the new blue!

February 8-Our little angels. How big they are getting. I love watching them interract with one another. Ty and Prez are the best big brothers.January 9-Grandma and Papa's neighbor, Linda had made Veyah this hat, as well as a pink one and a blanket. It fits perfectly!
January 10- Veyah's little personality is slowly starting to show. She's more alert now, and just loves laying there, watching you. So sweet. January 11-I've had a hard time finding headbands/hair accessories to fit Veyah. Living in a small town doesn't give you very many options. So, I pulled out some scrapbook supplies and made her one myself.January 12-Another one of Mommy's handmade headbands. Our little princess is 2 weeks already!January 13-Family Night. We had a Wii tournament at our house. Everyone took turns battling each other. We bowled, played some tennis, the guys battled at archary! It was a fun time!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Project Life: Week 5

Week 5: January 31 - February 6

January 31- Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. The first days of our baby girls life, and all she does is sleep. It's so sweet to watch her snooze. I find myself holding her while she is fast asleep, watching her expressions. Every now and then she'll giggle, and her sweet little dimples shine. :)
February 1- I fall in love with her more & more each day. Our little girl is such a blessing to us. As well as a precious gift from God. February 2- Big yawn. I just love this picture. One of the many facial expressions we've encountered. February 3- My beautiful family. We are so very blessed. This picture is a reminder of God's many gifts he has to offer us.February 4- This picture makes me laugh. It was not set-up at all. I was just taking picture after picture. When I had uploaded them to the computer, started editing, I noticed that Veya was showing off her "middle" finger! February 5- Our 3 angels. The boys just love their new baby sister. They love giving her kisses and hugs. Always asking to hold "vay-yuh", or "UH-vay-uh" as Ty calls her.
February 6- 9 days old already! I can't believe how much she has changed already. She's more alert and boy oh boy, do we just love those adorable little dimples.