Monday, January 7, 2008


What are some of your favorite organizing techniques? Each week I will post new ideas for organizing all your SB supplies.
Here are two of mine..

Spice Rack

I got this spice rack at a garage sale for 50 cents and use it to hold my paints, glitter and misc. bottles.

Decorative Curtain Rod

I use this curtain rod for all my ribbon spools. I had bought it for my DH "lounge" but never used it. It keeps all my ribbons organized and I have them grouped by coordination.


Kelli said...

I use a curtain rod for ribbon spools too! I have a cat though, so I had to pin all my loose ends down otherwise I'd have to re-wind all my ribbon everyday (and cut off the crunchy chewed up

Great use of a spice rack too!

Anonymous said...

Love your organizational ideas, your Elfed layout, and the Christmas card book. Your blog is hoppin'!
~Erika/CKMB journeyfan