Monday, February 9, 2009

New Approach to Blogging

I decided to start using my blog as my journal. My space, if you will. Random thoughts, notes and sayings that I can refer back to for furture reference. I've tried the approach of having a journal nearby, but either kids are getting into it or I have misplaced it somewhere.

It's been crazy around here lately. Still have things from the old house in boxes. (which are being stored in our garage-- thank goodness we have a 2-car garage!) My hubby is here for 3-weeks and we are busy doing family activities, etc. This isn't a bad thing if you think of it, I'm getting a lot of pictures taken so I can scrap while he is gone.

My current projects are as follows:

1. Cricut Vinyl-- Get my quotes cut out and mounted in the living room, scrap room & bathrooms. Not quite sure what all of them are going to say yet, but I have the vinyl, so I'm one step closer.

2. Complete January Layouts-- I'm starting a Family Album which will include layouts of each month's highlights. Not quite keeping up with that.

3. Project 365-- So far, I have been staying up to date with that. I keep a Word Document saved on my computer of each day, the picture I will use and some journaling that will be added.

4. Preston's First Year Album-- This is where I am REALLY slacking-- I haven't even started on this album & he will be 2 in August!! Not stressing it. Keeping a journal to the side of what's going on as well as keeping his baby book updated.

So, that is what I am working with right now. Lots and lots of projects, some smaller ones on the sides that aren't really a priority right now.. I'll get to those later on.

Have a wonderful night & Happy Sunday!

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