Saturday, March 21, 2009

In the Works

I have been so far behind in the blogging world, even the family blog I have slacked on. Been pretty busy lately, and trying to get things in order around here.

I haven't worked on any scrapbook projects for a while now, but I am feeling very creative and will be working on some projects this weekend.

I received my Project 365 kit a couple weeks ago and am totally loving it! I'm keeping track of my pictures and journaling in a word document and am slowly transferring that into the album. I think the whole concept of the this kit is incredible, I look forward to seeing the end result.

I started a mini chipboard album a few weeks ago, haven't quite come up with a title for it but the whole "idea" of the thing is my favorite pictures of the boys and their daddy! Throughout the album I have included little conversations that boys have with their Dad. I'm hoping I will get it completed here soon.

There are a few ideas going through my head lately on some new projects. I want to do something different. Something not everyone has done or already thought of. As I get the brainstorming ideas put on paper and more to a rough draft, I'll be posting what I have come up with the.

I hope you all had a Happy St. Patty's. I didn't take ONE picture that day, can you believe that!? So, I'll be some-what of a cheater and do a few to make-up for that day.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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