Sunday, March 14, 2010

"I Do" Layout

After much procrastination (4 1/2 years to be exact), I finally scrapped some of the pictures from my wedding day. Sadly, I don't have much pictures from that day, since it was a very small ceremony. Close friends & family only. Took me a day to get everything put together. Ya, that kind of wedding. I didn't have a big frilly dress, a 3-tier cake, (my topping was of Shrek & Fiona, lol), nor did I leave afterwards to my honeymoon. But, I wouldn't trade that day for anything. It was the day I committed to myself to the best man in the world. My best friend. I usually list the products I use and the manufactures, but honestly, I don't remember. I was floating on Cloud 9 when I made this. Creating this layout took me back to that day when I said, "I Do"

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