Saturday, March 6, 2010

Project Life: Week 9

Week 9: February 28 - March 6
February 28- Cold season hitting hard. The kids and I have been sick for what seems like forever. Ty had an ear infection in both ears, myself.. dealing with the endless cough. Seems like ever since Ty started school, we get sick very often!March 1- With every kiddo of ours, I've always taken a picture of their itty bitty feet around a month old or so. Just wish they could stay little like this forever!March 2- I've been wanting to put this outfit on Veyah, and although it's still a little to big, it fits enough to wear it. I just love the little Ugg boots! Everything is so cute when it's "itty bitty" size.March 3- Our little stinker. Mr. Mischievous. Prez sure knows how to push a Mama's buttons. At times I think of how much he'd go for on Ebay, but at the end of the day, I look at him and all I can do is laugh-- pure payback for all the troubles I gave my parents.March 4- One thing I enjoy buying for the boys is SHOES. But, with boys being boys, it's not like they don't "break em' in", so having a wide variety of shoes is always a good thing, especially since they don't last very long!March 5- Veyah's looks are changing so much. She's our little chunk-uh-munk. This girl loves to put down some food! Awesome appetite. Any chance I get, I'm snapping pictures of her. I consider myself her personal paparazzi!March 6- I've been working on Veyah's room this past month, and her dresser was finally completed. I've been wanting to do a picture with her sitting in the drawer, since I had one taken of me when I was little. She was a good sport! Always is.


Karina @ The Vader Family said...

What a cutie!

She is beautiful, congratulations!!!

mandiegirl said...

She's precious! ;)

Susan said...

Oh my, she is just PRECIOUS!!!!!

Great pictures mom♥

dawn said...

Sorry to hear you were all sick, hope your feeling better soon. Your daughter just keeps getting cuter. I love the way you dress her up, those uggs are so so cute. Have a good week.