Monday, February 4, 2008

QVC Paper Crafting Fair

Who's watching? It has been on since 9pm pacific time, and oh my gosh am I in trouble! I am really trying to have some control, but gosh all that new stuff is so tempting! Here is what I have ordered so far:

1. TSV Cosmo Cricut 9000+ piece kit
2. CKU in a box
3. 900+ piece Assorted Textured and Printed

I really should stop there, but there are too many good things to pass up!!


bodegalee said...

LOVE pink and brown.. I soo wish I had time to do the swap - gonna be fun (thinking some of these are for the swap :))??


bodegalee said...

Uh, duh!! obviously hadnt read down far enough (insert embarrassed face here!)