Saturday, January 16, 2010

Project Life: Week 2

Week 2: January 10 - January 16

January 10- The boys played with their new razors and shaving cream in the tub that they had got for Christmas. They thought it was the coolest thing being able to shave like they see Papa & Daddy do.
January 11- Took Prez into the doctor today for his cold. Dr. couldn't see his ear drum because of was build-up, but she prescribed him some antibiotics to help with the ear infection. Both boys got their flu shots & H1N1 vaccines.January 12- Some more cute baby things. Got these little boots from Baby Gap int he mail today. Can't wait to see them on courtesy of MSN

January 13-A massive, 7.0 magnitude earthquake stuck Haiti near the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, Jan 12th. Death toll estimates range from 30,000 to 50,000 but believed to be more than 100, 000 people dead.January 14- Eight Prenatal appt. 37 weeks. 5lb. gain since last appt 2 weeks ago. Baby's heart rate 132 bpm. Test results from Strep B test came back negative. As of right now, I'm dilated 2 centimeteres. Getting close to her arrival.January 15- Our long, over-due date night. We went to the movies and saw the movie, "Avatar" Great movie. Nice 2 1/2 hour break from parenthood. Lissa watched the boys for us. They did great while we were gone.January 16- After days and days of rain, we woke up to a beautiful sunrise and sunny day with no clouds in sight.

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Erica said...

Hello! Follow you from Project Tueday! Love your photos!!